Do I really castrate men?

Sorry guys, the answer is no. This is a fantasy for me, too. I love the fantasy. I’ve explored it for many years. I do castration phone sex, yeah! And you can call me to talk about it.

In the imagination such a fantasy can work out exactly the way I want it to. But in the real world things could get really messy very quickly. I’m not medically qualified, and this is like a real operation. I don’t have an operating room. I don’t want to get blood on my carpet. I don’t want you to end up at the ER, which could be totally embarrassing and expensive for you. And I don’t want to get the law involved.

Of course, if you do want good advice on how to get castrated for real, I can give you that advice. We can talk about it, because I know something about it, something more than most phone girls who pretend to be good at thousands of fetishes. But I’m not going to do it myself for you.

The plus side of doing this fantasy on the phone rather than for real is that we can do it over and over again. That’s right, you can call me repeatedly and get castrated over and over again! Imagine that!

Have a nice day!

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Pantyboy loser sissy

Yes, I had a call from a pantyboy loser sissy yesterday. He wants so much to be a woman. Isn’t that cute, in a truly pathetic sort of way?

He wears tampons and maxipads every day. He doesn’t even own men’s underwear, just wears panties and bras under his clothing.

He’s in his 40s and lives in his mother’s basement. How much more pathetic can it get, you ask?

He owns hundreds of pairs of women’s panties, which he tries on before buying. The salesgirls totally get a laugh out of that. Even the clerk at the pharmacy got to laugh at his little weewee, and it made him buy more vagisil and pantyliners.

He buys 25-30 porn magazines a month, and belongs to 20 different porn sites. We’re talking real money here, money this loser should be paying me, eh? Clearly he doesn’t deserve it, the mess he’s made of himself.

I’m sure there are more deep, dark secrets to come. HAHAHA…

Ruling this sissy is going to be so much fun.

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Hot Castration Financial Domination

This is so hot! I have a customer calling me regularly now on my $5 a minute financial domination listing, the one where I play that cute little roleplay where he begs me piteously to let him pay me not to castrate him. I yell at him that he’s not a man and he deserves to be castrated for the good of all womankind. I love it! Getting paid to do this is the hottest thing of all. And then he tributes me and gives me a good rating!

He’s such a good boy I may let him keep his balls. For now. Hahahaha!

You need to call me now!

Call Man-hater for castration phone sex on

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The Mistress Castration Fantasy

A lot of guys request a fantasy in which a Mistress forces them to endure castration as the ultimate in commitment to her, and also the ultimate humiliation. Often in the fantasy, she then cuckolds him. Generally she performs the procedure herself.

The issue is that guys think this is real, something that often happens in real life.

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fantasy here, but I don’t really think this happens much in real life, if at all. Castration in real life is surgery. The legal system does not permit laymen to perform surgery. Forcing someone to have such a surgery could result in someone going to prison for an extended period of time. The legal system has enough issues with normal BDSM practices. They just can’t handle castration as a concept.

The male fantasy that dominant women own and keep a stable of slaves is actually far out there, too. I’ve never met a woman who did that, nor one who knew one who did that.

What I’m hinting at here is that I will not castrate you. This is purely a fantasy. If you want it to be more than that, I can give you guidance on how to make that happen through normal channels (as “normal” as such a thing could be). But I will only do these things myself as a fantasy.

You know you need to call me.

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About castration

If you’re here, you ought to understand about castration. It’s a generally violent fantasy where a male’s testicles are removed. Some men also fantasize about having their penis removed. A few only wish their penis removed, which would be frustrating, since they could in all likelihood never relieve the pressure again.

Most men who have a castration fantasy have been thinking about it for years, so they have many details in their minds. A few never thought of it until they read something I wrote.

For most it is just a fantasy, but a few would really like it to happen, some as part of sexual reassignment surgery.

Who is to say why something turns a person on? I like those little moans guys make when I talk about using the knife on them. Give me a call!

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The castration blog

People have been finding me (well, they’ve been looking for and finding my specialty, castration phone sex) through the Niteflirt site search. But I thought I’d put a bit more work into it and not only make it a bit easier to find me, but to give people more to think about, obsess about, whatever grabs you. Seize the opportunity.

Yet another guy emailed me this morning looking for humiliation, wanting me to enslave, own, and impoverish him. Close enough. I sent him a reasonably-priced pay-to-view for him to buy and show good faith. I’m not holding my breath, there’s not a lot of good faith around when you’re talking about guys with hard cocks.

Well, what do you know? Another guy, one who had never had a thought of castration before in his life, read what I wrote, bought a sexy story (no castration, just lesbian lust), paid a tribute after looking up his cock size on the handy-dandy Little dick loser chart, and made a nice, long call to me. I was so inspired that I decided to expand beyond the “pay me to castrate you” idea for the present listing into a “Pay me not to castrate you” listing.

Well, why not? So many of the fantasies take a dark turn after the males change their minds and attempt to change mine. Why not bribes?

Money is good. It will help me. I can do great things with your money. It might not help you all that much. But you don’t matter anyway.

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